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AJC Photography

AJC Photography, a quaint wedding and event photography business in Hertfordshire, sought our expertise for a Google Ads campaign and specific redesign elements of their website, including the creation of an ad-specific landing page.

The aim was to enhance their online marketing efforts and improve the user experience on their site.

AJC Photography

 the approach .

Firstly, we developed a targeted Google Ads strategy to attract couples and event planners looking for a photographer in Hertfordshire. We focused on keywords that matched AJC Photography's unique style and offerings.

Secondly, for the website, we implemented subtle yet impactful design changes to enhance aesthetics and user engagement. The ad-specific landing page was crafted to complement the Google Ads, providing a cohesive and informative experience for visitors.

 the outcome .

The Google Ads campaign, coupled with the website enhancements, has led to a noticeable increase in enquiries and bookings for AJC Photography.

The ad-specific landing page has been particularly effective, resulting in higher conversion rates from ad clicks. These changes have not only improved AJC Photography's online visibility but also enriched the user experience, making their website a compelling showcase of their photography services.

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