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Drive It School Of Motoring

Drive It, a prominent driving instructor company based in Somerset, engaged us for a comprehensive project that included a full SEO update and a complete redesign of their website.

The goal was to enhance their online visibility and create a more engaging, user-friendly digital platform.

Drive It School Of Motoring

 the approach .

Our approach was twofold. Firstly, for the website redesign, we focused on creating a layout that is both visually appealing and intuitive, reflecting the professionalism and approachability of Drive It.

This included clear listings of driving courses, instructor profiles, and easy navigation to booking and contact information.

Secondly, for the SEO update, we conducted extensive keyword research relevant to driving instruction in Somerset, optimised the website content, and improved the site structure for better search engine ranking.

 the outcome .

The revamped website, combined with the SEO enhancements, has significantly boosted Drive It's online presence. The site now ranks higher in search results for driving instruction in Somerset, leading to increased organic traffic and enquiries. 

The redesign has been well-received for its ease of use and informative content, making it a valuable tool for attracting and retaining students. This comprehensive update has positioned Drive It as a leading choice for driving instruction in the region.

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