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Quote & Curate

Tasked with reimagining the online presence of Quote and Curate, a fine art gallery and bespoke interior design service in Chelsea, London, we undertook a comprehensive project. 

Our objective was to fully redesign their website, integrate e-commerce functionality, and optimise over 70 products for SEO, ensuring the site was entirely SEO-friendly with thorough keyword research.

Quote & Curate

 the approach .

For Quote and Curate, we executed a complete website redesign, focusing on a visually appealing and user-friendly e-commerce platform. We optimised over 70 products with targeted SEO strategies, conducted extensive keyword research, and ensured the entire website was SEO-friendly.

This included refining meta descriptions, keywords, and on-page content to enhance search engine visibility and user experience.

 the outcome .

The result was a modern, engaging website that significantly improved user experience and search engine rankings. The SEO enhancements led to increased organic traffic and higher visibility on Google. The seamless e-commerce integration provided a smooth shopping experience, boosting online sales and customer satisfaction.

Overall, the project successfully positioned Quote and Curate as a leading destination for fine art and bespoke interior design.

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