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insignal media's project showcase

Refit International

We partnered with Refit International to enhance their digital footprint, focusing on a holistic strategy that encompassed website optimisation, content development, and digital marketing. 

Our goal was to elevate their online presence, reflecting their expertise in the yacht refitting industry.

Refit International

 the approach .

Our approach was multi-dimensional. Initially, we focused on refining the website's design and functionality, ensuring a premium user experience that mirrors the quality of Refit International's services.

 the outcome .

The transformation has been remarkable. Refit International's website now boasts a sleek, intuitive design, enriched with content that truly speaks to their clientele.

The digital marketing efforts have significantly increased their online visibility, leading to higher engagement rates and an uptick in client inquiries.

This comprehensive digital overhaul has positioned Refit International as a leading voice in the yacht refitting sector, both online and offline.

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