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insignal media's project showcase

The Custom Wood Company

Our assignment was to perform a full SEO update and implement Google Shopping ads for The Custom Wood Company, a Somerset-based business specialising in carpentry and bespoke wooden furniture.

The objective was to elevate their online visibility and showcase their unique craftsmanship to a wider audience.

The Custom Wood Company

 the approach .

Our strategy involved enriching the website with SEO-friendly content, emphasising keywords related to custom carpentry and bespoke furniture.

We ensured the narrative of their passion for woodworking was weaved throughout the website. Concurrently, we crafted targeted Google Shopping ads to highlight their diverse range of products, reaching potential customers across the UK.

 the outcome .

This dual approach significantly elevated The Custom Wood Company's digital presence.

The website started to rank higher in search engine results, drawing more visitors. The Google Shopping ads effectively displayed their unique products, leading to an uptick in engagement and sales. 

Overall, this initiative broadened their reach, allowing more people to discover and appreciate their exquisite carpentry work.

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