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insignal media's specialised facebook Ad campaigns

 Facebook ads .

Step into the spotlight with Facebook Ads that do more than just display; they engage and convert. Our targeted approach cuts through the noise, placing your brand front and center in the bustling world of social feeds. With strategic placements and compelling content, we turn scrolling into sales and likes into leads.

 image ads .

Image ads are the ideal way to draw your target audience into your product, making sure you use high quality, engaging images is a must.

Connect with your audience through colourful or powerful images.

Drive traffic to your website through a call to action button, with an engaging description and headline to increase leads, sales & revenue.

 video ads .

Video ads use engaging sounds and movement to capture the attention of your target audience.

Engage your potential clients with interactive videos that will make them want to visit your desired website.

High quality videos can be used on simple video ads or stories to attract customers. Again, a call to action button is crucial to capture leads.

 carousel ads .

Facebook carousel ads are a fantastic way to show an array of images that show off your brand, displaying up to 10 images in a row, it is the perfect variation for the eCommerce niche.

Creating the perfect carousel isn't easy, but we have got it down to a fine art. We have found the ideal combination of images to text, and the order in which works best.

The interactive format also includes a call to action button, multiple headlines and descriptions. This gives you the best possible chance to attract your target customer and drive them to your website.

A GIF showing a Facebook carousel ad in motion

 targeted campaigns 

Interact with your target audience like never before, we can target the most relevant audiences based on their location, age, interests, gender, shopping habits and behaviours.

 lower cost per click 

Facebook Ads are well known to have a lower cost per click than many other PPC platforms, including Google ads, and with our expertise you can expect a lower overall cost, but with an increase in your return on investment.

 mobile optimisation 

With over 98% over Facebook users accessing the platform from their mobile, it is crucial that your advert is optimised for mobile viewing.

Transform your Facebook Ads with insignal media

transform your  Facebook  presence today.

Our expertly crafted ads are designed to captivate your audience and convert clicks into customers.


Contact us now to ignite your Facebook campaign and watch your business thrive. Don't forget to check out our success stories on our Wix Partner profile!

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