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Bespoke Instagram Advertising campaigns by insignal media

 Instagram ads .

Set your brand's Instagram journey ablaze with our bespoke ad strategies. Designed to enchant your audience and transform engagement into tangible results, our Instagram campaigns are your ticket to social media success. Contact us to fuel your social growth and see your business soar.

 boost brand awareness 

Instagram Ads are the way forward for brand advertising, allowing you to grow your business and gain trust from your target audience.

 stay ahead of the curve 

Staying ahead of your competition is crucial when wanting to succeed, as Instagram are always adding new features it is hard to know what to try, but luckily for you we have it mastered.

 organic success 

Instagram is also the number 1 platform for growing your brand organically, which means you don't have to pay for advertising. This takes a lot more work but is certainly worth it in the long run.

Large scale Instagram Logo

stats you need to know

Instagram users are over 2.5X more likely to remember a visually engaging Instagram ad than one from another platform. So they are not only more likely to click your ad, but they are also more likely to remember it.

Instagram Ads are fully integrated with Facebook Ads, so you can control both platforms from the Facebook Business manager, allowing diverse customisation options and a variety of targeting options.

Although Instagram has amazingly high engagement rates, it is now falling into the same trap that other platforms are in, an overload in content. This makes it increasingly hard to advertise effectively, which is why we are here to guide you through and help your brands content thrive.

types of Instagram ads

Photo and Video Ads are by far the most popular and easy to use of all the techniques, they just require and informative or catchy image/video with a descriptive text and call to action button and away you go.

Story Ads are one of the fastest growing types in use now, as over 80% of active Instagram users post 2-3 stories per week, allowing a lot of visual interaction.

IGTV Ads are the newest form of advertising type on Instagram and allow advertisers to use videos up to 20 minutes long, which can be super effective if your product/service is in depth and complicated.

Take your Instagram Ads viral with insignal media today

take your  Instagram ads  viral today.

Our expertly crafted ads are tailored to mesmerise your Instagram followers and turn engagements into customers.

Reach out to us to spark your Instagram campaign and see your business flourish. Don't miss our success stories on our Wix Partner profile!

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