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insignal media's prolific Snapchat Advertising techniques

 snapchat ads .

Boost your brand's Snapchat game with our custom-made ad magic, designed to really connect with your audience and turn those swipes into success stories. Dive into the vibrant Snapchat scene with our campaigns, and watch your business grow in ways you've never seen before. Ready to make your Snapchat sparkle? Let's chat and make it happen!

 reach your audience 

Snapchat Ads allow you to target your target audience incredibly well. You can get your business noticed by your future customers, including Millenials and Gen Z, which make up over 75% of Snapchat traffic.

 easy to use dashboard 

Snapchat’s Ads Manager dashboard shows everything you need to know, all in real-time. View performance metrics, customise your views, download your reports, and take action on your Snapchat Ads in the Manage Ads section within Ads Manager.

 start from £5 per day 

Businesses of all sizes can use Snapchat Ads to advertise their products or services, from as little as £5 per day, which allows you can learn how your target audience engages with your ad without breaking the bank.

targeting capabilities to reach your  current and future customers 

Connect with Snapchatters who are actively seeking the products and services your business offers with Snapchat’s robust targeting capabilities. 


 target Snapchatters by: 

  • Location, age, gender, interests, demographics and more.

 Explore Snapchat’s advanced targeting capabilities to unlock more opportunities for your business: 

  • Upload customer lists and target those customers on Snapchat with Snap Audience Match. 

  • Target Snapchatters similar to your existing customers with Lookalike Audiences. 

  • Reach Snapchatters who have already engaged your app with Mobile App Custom Audiences.

  • Reach Snapchatters who have already engaged with your website with Pixel Custom Audiences. 

  • And more!

goal-based bidding and  automated bidding strategies 

 Goal-based bidding: 

Optimise towards a specific action you want a Snapchatter to take, such as installing your app, watching a video, or completing a purchase. In order to bid on lower-funnel goals, like Purchase or Sign-Up, you will need to unlock them by sending those events via the Snap Pixel. Once you reach 50 attributed purchases or sign-ups within a 7 day period you will unlock these goals.

 Automated bidding strategies: 

You have a few options when it comes to bidding in Ads Manager. With Auto-Bidding, Snapchat will set your bid amount to automatically optimise towards conversions. With Target Cost, Snapchat will optimise towards your target CPA goals. With Minimum ROAS, Snapchat will optimise towards your target ROAS goals.

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start your  snapchat success  today.

Excited to elevate your brand on Snapchat? Get in touch with us to harness the power of tailored ads that truly connect with your audience.


Together, we'll turn swipes into success and take your business to new heights. Contact us today and let's start crafting your Snapchat success story!

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